Thursday, December 9, 2010

Being Presidential

Our 16th president, snappy dresser and avid theater-goer, Abraham Lincoln, once said:
"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."
And, I gotta say, Mr. President, when it comes to people flapping their jaws about the job my husband is doing, you really nailed it.

Just last week, the local paper became the Altar of Verbal Assault for an individual that was just sure she had the answers.  Further, she was sure everybody would want to hear about it.  (And to be quite frank, she has every right to voice her opinion.  It's called "Free Speech.")  Her diatribe filled up a quarter of a page, with the final paragraph calling for his prompt resignation.  She even sprinkled in a few suggestions on how things should be done and some egregious mis-assumptions of the players' opinion of Mr. Coach.

Now, you would figure, when an individual signs his or her name to a rather scathing editorial, that he or she has some experience with, evidence of or expertise regarding the topic about which he or she is writing.  From my best research, these are the qualifiers that this woman possesses for writing this letter:
  • She has never played a single down of high school football.
  • She has never played a single down of college football.
  • She has never coached high school or college football.
  • She has never coached any high school sport.
  • None of her children have ever played for my husband.
  • She has never been in the locker room before and after games or practices with my husband and the team and coaches.
  • She has never been to summer football camp with my husband and the team and coaches.
  • She has never been in the weight room all summer long with my husband and the team.
  • She has never purchased shoes out of her own pocket for her players or given kids rides home at 1 in the morning after an away game because their parents forgot.
  • She has never had parents and players come to her house at all hours of the day and night and discuss everything from playing time to funerals to domestic issues.
Quite a resume, huh?  Please, someone do let me know if ANY one of those items is inaccurate.  Because I strive for accuracy here.  Accuracy.  Veracity.  Knowledge.  Just a few things I like to have before I pop off with an opinion.

But y'know what?  The best defense here is.......absolutely nothing.  Because of two very important facts.  First my husband, despite my feeble attempts at humor, is a good coach and a good person and those who know him will rally around him.  And second, well, I think Old Abe put it best.  The letter really did remove all "doubts" that I may have had about this individual as it pertains to her foolishness.

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